Wednesday, July 23, 2008

~ PuPpiEs ~

We decided it was time our dog, Syre, got a girlfriend. He is a papered wiemeriner. We met a couple that has a female wiemeriner, and they wanted her to try to have puppies. Syre stepped up to the plate, and a couple of months later we have 9 cute little puppies. Syre is considered to be a silver color, and June, the female, is more of a blue/silver color. There are 5 girl puppies and 4 boy puppies.

Reed LOVED the puppies, and no, we are not going to keep one. We had a choice of pick of the litter or get the amount of money one dog would sell for. The pups are 3 weeks old now, and they have another 3-4 weeks before they can be sold. I think these puppies are the cutest ones I've ever seen. I love their wrinkly skin, floppy ears, and blue eyes.