Sunday, November 2, 2008


After school on Friday, I loaded the boys into the car and we drove to visit my parents. My cute nephew, brother, and sister-in-law met up with us there. We had fun taking pictures of the three boys, and then we all went trick or treating together. Thanks again Dad for taking these fun pictures.Some of you might be wondering why Brett is MIA (missing in action) for the last couple of "family" photographs. It's that time of year again. He went was on an elk hunt this past week. He is home now, and yes his hunt was successful. I'll post more details and pictures when I get them.

Pumpkin Walk

Another fall tradition of ours is to go check out the Pumpkin Walk. The line this year was a lot longer than I've ever seen it so we took more pictures waiting in line than we did of the actual pumpkins. It was fun to take Reed this year because he was old enough to enjoy it. Of course Jett was perfectly content hanging out in his stroller. We had a lot of fun, and we're excited to see all of the pumkins next year.

Thanks Chelsey for taking these fun pictures for us!!

CoRn MaZe

A few weekends ago we went to a corn maze with our friends. It was great weather, and the kids loved getting lost in the maze. We let the 3 amigos lead the way, and they loved the freedom. When it started getting dark, the adults decided to take charge. By then none of us had a clue where we were, and the map wasn't helping us very much. We ended up leaving the corn maze through the entrance because we couldn't find the exit.

Halloween Party

Each year we celebrate Halloween with Brett's family and all of the little cousins. This year the kids helped carve pumpkins, decorate cookies, and dress up in their costumes. Here are a couple of pictures from the party.

Pictures of the Boys

These pictures were taken about a month ago by my wonderful and talented Dad. Jett is 6 months in these pictures, and Reed is 2, almost 3 years old. It was a beautiful day, and I was pleased with the outcome of our photo shoot. Thanks again Dad!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Last night Brett and I went to see Thriller performed by the Odyssey Dance Company. This was our second time seeing it, and we loved it both times. It is our new Halloween tradition, and we can't wait until our kids are old enough to come with us. We would recommend it to anybody!

Before and after the performance the dancers walk around and try to scare you. I forgot my camera last year, but I remembered it last night. The dead dancers crawl up the rows of chairs and people while scaring everyone in the process. I am proud to admit that I only screamed once!

A few pictures of us...

Hello Again!

Hi. My name is Becky. Sorry it's been awhile since I've last posted anything. Okay, maybe awhile doesn't quite fit . . . how about MONTHS since I've done anything with our blog. I feel like we have been going 100 mph, and we haven't slowed down. Maybe I can catch everyone up with our comings and goings:

I started teaching school since our last post, and I blame my crazy schedule for my blogging shortfalls. It's been a great year so far, and I'm grateful to have an amazing woman watching and loving my boys while I'm at work. Needless to say, by the time I lay down with Reed at 8:30 to read a couple of books and put him to bed, I am VERY ready for bed too. So yes, I have been choosing to sleep instead of update our blog.
I am proud to say I am now married to the general contractor of Six Point Construction. For the past couple of months Brett has been studying for the two tests he needed to take to get his contractor's license. After many long nights of studying, Brett passed both tests!! I am very proud of him. He is still working for Sierra Homes and loving it, but he just wanted to get his own license now so he could go out on his own sometime in the future. Brett is pretty excited for the next few months, because he has a some big hunts coming up. Normally I love this time of year, but since I married a hunter, I've decided the fall isn't my favorite anymore.
~ REED ~
Well my two-year-old almost three-year-old had definately been keeping us busy. He is looking forward to Halloween, and I'm pretty sure he will be the cutest pirate I've ever seen. I let him pick out his costume on the internet the other day, and out of the monkey, elephant, and dragon Reed chose the pirate. As for the potty-training adventure, we haven't made much progress (unless you call pooping in the garbage can progress). My goal is to hopefully have Reed potty-trained by the time he turns 3 in January. Wish us luck!!
~ JETT ~
Jett is 6 months old now and he is growing like a weed! The last time I took him into the doctor for his check-up, Jett weighed just under 20 pounds. This past month we started feeding Jett solid foods and he's LOVED everything he's tried so far (yellow and orange vegetables). I've been hesitant to give Jett green beans and peas, because whenever I tried to feed those to Reed, I usually ended up wearing them instead of him eating them. Reed hated the green veggies. We have been so lucky to have a wonderful baby like Jett. Compared to Reed at his age, Jett is an angel!! He never cries, is always happy, puts himself to sleep, takes 3 good naps, and can get to where he wants to go by rolling there. We love this little guy so much! Brett has been very involved with Jett compared to what it was like with Reed, because it's so easy to enjoy a happy baby. We are not saying we don't love Reed. It's just that after you raise a baby with acid reflux, anything else seems like a piece of cake.
The only two times that Jett has really cried was when I dropped the remote on his head (it was a accident), and when his elbow dislocated two weeks ago. I'm not quite sure how it happened because I was just holding him in a blanket while we were sitting on the couch. It was while I was standing up when Jett started crying. I knew something was wrong because he was crying. Jett never cries. I took him into the doctor not knowing what was wrong with him. On our way Jett stopped crying, and I noticed his left arm was pinned inbetween his body and the carseat. He was moving his right arm a lot, but not his left one. When we got in to see the doctor, I told him I thought his shoulder or elbow dislocated (I've heard about that happening before). The doctor checked him out and agreed that it was his elbow. As I cried in the waiting room (I didn't dare watch), I heard Jett screaming as the doctor put his elbow back in place. It was one of the least favorite moments of my life. After his elbow went back into place, Jett was smiling and playing like nothing ever happened. Let's just say I hope that never happens AGAIN!!
There's an update on all of us. Sorry about the lack of posts. Hopefully things slow down a little bit so I can keep up with our blog. Even though I may not update my blog, I sure have enjoyed reading everyone else's. Thanks to all of you for being a better blogger than I am!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

~ Then and Now ~

One thing I love about having two boys is that I can reuse all of Reed's clothes with Jett. I've taken some pictures of Jett in some of the same outfits I took pictures of Reed wearing. It's fun for me to compare my boys and find their similarities/differences. One thing I've learned is that Jett is growing bigger and faster than Reed did so he gets to wear Reed's old clothes sooner than Reed did. So in these pictures Jett is about a month younger than Reed in all of the pictures.

The first pictures are of Reed and the second picture is Jett

Saturday, July 26, 2008

24th of July Baby Contest

Two years ago when Reed was 6 months old we participated in Tremonton's 24th of July Baby Contest. Reed ended up winning, and he was the King in the 3-6 month old catagory.
Here are pictures from 2 years ago:

I decided to take Jett to this year's contest just so I could put it in his scrapbook like I did for Reed. It was fun to show him off, and Jett was the 3-6 month's first attendant. We were so proud of him! The baby that took first place was adorable! I don't know how anybody can judge a contest like that. I just think it is a fun chance for parents to show off their cute kids. Congratulations Jett!!