Wednesday, July 23, 2008

= Swimming Lessons =

Starting last Monday, Reed and I have been participating in the "Mom & Tot" swimming class. Here are a few things we have learned so far:

  • Reed can now say, "I can't do that".
  • Mom is better at blowing bubbles than Reed is.
  • Reed will swim with his arms only if he has a toy in each hand.
  • Reed holds grudges if you dunk him under the water (I blow in his face first).
  • Reed loves to kick his legs and splash Mom's face so he can see me turn into a "raccoon" (my mascara is not waterproof).
  • Don't let Reed get close to the edge of the pool or else you end up chasing him around the whole swimming pool until one of you falls.


Chelsey said...

Looks like Fun! I guess I will have to be a better mom next year and get my kids into lessons. Cute Puppies I am kinda glad you didn't take one home. Maybe you should give Syre away and take a pup and start ALL OVER!:) I like the picture of you and Jett off to the side. You look way cute and your getting some color. And I also like Jett's chubbers!

Chelsey said...

Oh... I forgot Reed's in BIG BOY pants. He looks excited. Gotta love letting them pick them out, so they think they are pretty NEAT! Hopefully he gets the hang of it fast. GOOD LUCK!

Jeff and Shauna said...

That's a GREAT idea to have Mom and Tot swim lessons. Great bonding times too.