Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our Sunday Tradition

For the past couple springs Brett and I have had the tradition of going to the archary range on Sundays in Bear River City. Last year I carried Reed in an infant backpack while we accompanied Brett through the range. This year Reed has loved following his Dad and pulling out the arrows. Today was the first time we took Jett to the range because it was such a beautiful day. Jett hung out in his sling while I tagged along with Brett and Reed.

Some Recent Pictures

I love this picture - my 3 boys taking their Sunday nap together.
Reed wants Jett to do everything he is doing.
Reed helping mom make cookies.
So I found Jett's favorite place to take a his car seat on top of the running dryer. This combination is a guaranteed nap for both Mom and Jett - YEAH!!

Raccoon Hunting

My cousin Bryan requested to see pictures of Brett's midnight hobby, raccoon hunting. This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago. Syre - Brett - Baxter

Family Pictures

In February my family had pictures taken before my little brother Jeff left for his mission to Canada. I don't know if they are my favorite (because I'm big and pregnant), but it was fun getting together and taking them.