Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pneumonia and Ear Infections = Jett

So Jett has been fighting a cold for the past week or so, and last night was really hard on him. We decided to take him to the doctor today because he was struggling when trying to breathe. Brett took him in to see his pediatrician and called me at school telling me Jett has pneumonia and a double ear infection! Brett was sent over to the hospital for x-rays of Jett's chest. Sure enough, there was fluid in his lungs. After a few breathing treatments and a shot, they were sent home. For the next 3 days we have to take Jett in to get shots and checked to make sure the pneumonia isn't getting worse.

Jett has never been sick until now, and I guess he's an all or nothing type of guy. For being miserable, he sure has been a trooper. I have a feeling the next couple of days are going to be rough. Wish us luck!!

This was Jett tonight in the bathtub (one of the few things that made him happy).

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Reed

Reed was lucky enough to have two birthday parties. One at my parent's house, and one at our house with Brett's family. He also got two cakes: a Shrek cake and a Backyardigan cake.Reed and Carter chowing down on cake and icecream.Grandpa Merrell and JettReed woke up on his birthday and found a new slide!One of his favorite presents is the Hungry, Hungry Hippo game.This is Reed's second birthday party with all of his Henrie cousins.
Our little man is now three years old and we are so grateful to have him in our lives. Happy Birthday Reed!

Bowling Fun

Reed turned 3 a couple of weeks ago, and he decided he wanted to go bowling for his birthday. I'm pretty embarassed to admit this, but Reed and I both scored 95. I definately need some practice!

Happy New Year!!

On New Year's Eve we went over to our friends' house to play games and ring in the new year. This was our "Who has the biggest stomach" game. It was a tie.Brett bought me a Nintendo DS game for Christmas, but I didn't get much playing time in until Brett was able to conquer the Mario Brothers game. Jett was either a good luck charm, or a great cheer leader because Brett let him stay on his lap.

Christmas Day

This picture was taken of Reed when we woke him up at 8:00. By the looks of things, he probably could have used a little more sleep (we were up pretty late the night before).When we went to go wake Jett up, he was all smiles and ready to eat some wrapping paper. It looks like Brett probably could have used more sleep too!After we opened presents at our house from Santa Claus, we tried driving to my parents house, but the big snow storm made us turn around and go back home. We went over to Brett's parent's house for breakfast, and when the snow let up, we went to see my family. It was an unforgettable Christmas, and we were grateful to be able to spend it with our families!

Christmas Eve

These are a couple pictures of us getting ready for Santa to come on Christmas Eve. We each got to open one present (p.j.'s), and Reed helped me get a plate of treats ready for Santa to eat. If you look carefully, Reed was a little bit hungry too. He tested all of Santa's snacks. Reed also said his name was "8 - 9", and the picture he drew on the plate was of Grandpa Merrell. I think I have an artist in the making!

This is the picture I took of all of the presents right after Santa came to our house.

Santa Claus & Our Boys

When we went to our ward Christmas Party, Santa Claus surprised us with a visit. As you can see, Reed couldn't take his eyes off of Santa. The past 2 years haven't gone as smoothly, but I think Reed and Santa are now friends. Jett on the other hand wasn't quite sure who this guy was. His face says it all!

Moab trip in November

Brett and I were able to go jeeping in Moab this past November, and we LOVED it! This was my second time, and I enjoyed it so much more this time than my first trip. The first time we went to Moab I got out of the jeep and walked a lot. This time I think I only got out and walked once or twice. Thanks Jay and Courtney for making this trip possible!! We can't wait until next year!While we waited for each jeep to complete the obstacles, Brett and I had a lizard catching competition. Sadly to say, Brett won.
In the picture below we are driving into a bathtub (jeeping lingo). The next picture is us climbing out of the tub.Yes, even I had my turn behind the wheel. I'd much rather be the passenger than the driver!The Sierra Homes Crew