Monday, January 21, 2008

Reed's Second Birthday

So our little guy is now two years old! We threw Reed a birthday party and invited family over for cake and ice cream. Reed loved all of his presents and enjoyed every bite of cake. Of course his cousins had to join in and help Reed eat his cake. It was a perfect night and we want to thank everyone who came and made it special for Reed.

Our Little Vacation

So we decided we needed a vacation after all of the holiday rush. I don't know if you could call this a vacation. It was more like a quick get-a-way. Reed stayed with grandma and grandpa while Brett and I, along with Nate and Chelsey, drove to Mesquite for the weekend. Our main purpose was for the boys to go golfing and while us girls go shopping and visit the spa. Well, the golf game didn't go as well for the boys, but our day at the spa was heaven! Being seven months pregnant I was a little hesitant about the full body massage but with some pillow accommodations it was perfect. The only time we took pictures this weekend was when Chelsey and I were at the spa so I unfortunately have no pictures of the guys, sorry.

Christmas 2007

I am apoligizing right now for my lack of blogging efforts. I'll try to be better with our updates. Since the last time I posted a lot has happened. We had a great Christmas and I think Reed really enjoyed all of his presents. In fact, I think we might have gone a little overboard. Luckily his birthday is in January so we saved any unopened presents until then.