Saturday, July 26, 2008

24th of July Baby Contest

Two years ago when Reed was 6 months old we participated in Tremonton's 24th of July Baby Contest. Reed ended up winning, and he was the King in the 3-6 month old catagory.
Here are pictures from 2 years ago:

I decided to take Jett to this year's contest just so I could put it in his scrapbook like I did for Reed. It was fun to show him off, and Jett was the 3-6 month's first attendant. We were so proud of him! The baby that took first place was adorable! I don't know how anybody can judge a contest like that. I just think it is a fun chance for parents to show off their cute kids. Congratulations Jett!!


Liz & Cortney said...

Your boys are just too cute! You and Brett do good work!

Brooke said...

Ahh the good old 24th of July extravaganza! You do have cute boys though!

Jeff and Shauna said...

CONGRATS on the Contest! Cute Cute boy! I want to come home so I can see everyone.

Mike and Ashleigh said...

that's exciting- I also put McKenna in it- she was in the 12-18 month and she won Queen. it was so fun. Tasian won last year, and so it was fun to have them in it. Your little boys are adorable!! Good job Jett!!