Thursday, July 31, 2008

~ Then and Now ~

One thing I love about having two boys is that I can reuse all of Reed's clothes with Jett. I've taken some pictures of Jett in some of the same outfits I took pictures of Reed wearing. It's fun for me to compare my boys and find their similarities/differences. One thing I've learned is that Jett is growing bigger and faster than Reed did so he gets to wear Reed's old clothes sooner than Reed did. So in these pictures Jett is about a month younger than Reed in all of the pictures.

The first pictures are of Reed and the second picture is Jett

Saturday, July 26, 2008

24th of July Baby Contest

Two years ago when Reed was 6 months old we participated in Tremonton's 24th of July Baby Contest. Reed ended up winning, and he was the King in the 3-6 month old catagory.
Here are pictures from 2 years ago:

I decided to take Jett to this year's contest just so I could put it in his scrapbook like I did for Reed. It was fun to show him off, and Jett was the 3-6 month's first attendant. We were so proud of him! The baby that took first place was adorable! I don't know how anybody can judge a contest like that. I just think it is a fun chance for parents to show off their cute kids. Congratulations Jett!!

Girls Night Out

Brett went out of town this weekend so Friday night my Mom took my sister and I to go see Mamma Mia while my cute Dad babysat my boys. I was so excited to get out and go see this movie. It was a fun movie and I would recommend any of my friends (particularly girl friends) to go see it. Thanks again Mom and Dad.

After the movie, Reed and I went outside and lit some fireworks. His favorites were the sparklers that shot out "stars" as Reed likes to call them. He also went to town on a couple of boxes of the snaps or pops (I don't know what they are called). He enjoyed throwing them at the dogs, and stepping on 2 or 3 of them at a time. Reed even got brave enough to pinch one with his fingers to make it pop. I know, I probably shouldn't have taught him that, but I wanted to see if he would even try to do it. He did, and he loved it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

= Swimming Lessons =

Starting last Monday, Reed and I have been participating in the "Mom & Tot" swimming class. Here are a few things we have learned so far:

  • Reed can now say, "I can't do that".
  • Mom is better at blowing bubbles than Reed is.
  • Reed will swim with his arms only if he has a toy in each hand.
  • Reed holds grudges if you dunk him under the water (I blow in his face first).
  • Reed loves to kick his legs and splash Mom's face so he can see me turn into a "raccoon" (my mascara is not waterproof).
  • Don't let Reed get close to the edge of the pool or else you end up chasing him around the whole swimming pool until one of you falls.

~ PuPpiEs ~

We decided it was time our dog, Syre, got a girlfriend. He is a papered wiemeriner. We met a couple that has a female wiemeriner, and they wanted her to try to have puppies. Syre stepped up to the plate, and a couple of months later we have 9 cute little puppies. Syre is considered to be a silver color, and June, the female, is more of a blue/silver color. There are 5 girl puppies and 4 boy puppies.

Reed LOVED the puppies, and no, we are not going to keep one. We had a choice of pick of the litter or get the amount of money one dog would sell for. The pups are 3 weeks old now, and they have another 3-4 weeks before they can be sold. I think these puppies are the cutest ones I've ever seen. I love their wrinkly skin, floppy ears, and blue eyes.

Big Boy Undies!

I decided I am tired of changing two sets of diapers every day so I told Reed it was time to become an official "BIG BOY". We went to Walmart the other day and Reed picked out "choo choo train" underwear. He was so excited to put them on when we got home. I also let him pick out a whole bag full of "potty treats". I put them in a big jar in Reed's bathroom so he knows that he can only have those treats if he goes potty on the toilet.

We've been half attempting the whole potty training process for the past couple of days. It's so hard because we are always going somewhere: swim lessons, story time at the library, dollar movie at Walkers, and running all of our errands. We just need to stay home for a couple of days to really master potty training. If anyone has any suggestions that might help us I would grately appreciate it!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

It's official...We are selling our house

Yes, we are selling our house. We've lived in it for two years now and it is time for a change. Brett and I have been building and selling spec houses since we've been married and this house was one of them. We just chose to live in this one for a while. We planned on staying in this house for only 2 years and then building again. The two-year-mark has arrived and I'll keep you all up do date on our housing status.

Fourth of July

This past weekend we decided to visit our good friends Brooks and Amber down in Coalville. We just bought a new tent last week, and we wanted to test it out. We set up camp next to Brooks and Amber's place and stayed for the weekend.

We built a campfire, went boating, played at the park on the blow-up slides, watched Henefer's fireworks, and made a trip to Park City. We had a blast! Reed and Jett did awesome camping and boating. The temperature dropped down to 50 degrees at night, but the boys slept through the night. In fact, this past weekend was Jett's first time sleeping through the night. I was so excited I didn't have to get out of my warm sleeping bag to feed him. Jett was bundled up in his play-pen while Brett, Reed, and I were snuggled up on our air mattress.

On Friday we took out Brooks's boat and even though the water was a little rough and the temperature was a little cold we still tried a little of everything. Brett had the brilliant idea of climbing on top of the wake boarding tower and flipping off into the water. We had a fun time taking turns doing tricks off the tower.

Friday night we drove to Henefer to watch their local fireworks. While we were waiting we played on the blow-up toys they had set up for the kids. All of us adults took turns taking Reed down the slides and we all got our fair share of bumps and bruises. Reed LOVED the fireworks and has been asking to watch more fireworks every day since then. Luckily for him we have the 24th of July to celebrate soon. We had a fun little weekend, and we enjoyed being with Brooks, Amber, and Brandon.