Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa at Walmart

You'll never believe who we ran into this morning at Walmart.....SANTA CLAUS!! We went in search of milk, and ended up on Santa's lap. I tried to get the boys to sit with Santa by themselves, but I think it was a little bit too early for both Reed & Jett. Reed ran away from Santa & Jett just cried when I set him on his lap. So I had to hold both boys on MY lap while I sat on Santa's lap.

It turned out to be fun for the boys because they got to tell Santa what they wanted him to bring them for Christmas. Reed asked for bunkbeds & Jett agreed with Reed. I hope Santa follows through with that one!

Outside Christmas Lights

This year Brett made it very clear to me he has no intentions of putting up Christmas lights on the outside of our house. After many arguements & a little bit of begging, Brett still refused to give in to my request for Christmas lights.

This year Reed has loved looking at all of the lights outside, and I was determined to have lights on our house too. So over my Thanksgiving break, I climbed up and put the lights up by myself. After 2 LONG days struggling with the ladder, a frosty/steep roof, and unreachable plugs, I finally finished. Here is the final product-

Polar Express

This year my Mom arranged for us to spend the night before Thanksgiving riding the Polar Express in Heber. It was so much fun! The kids loved it, and they got to talk with Mr. & Mrs. Claus on the train. Thanks Mom for the memory!

Thanksgiving Day with the Merrells

On Thanksgiving day, my side of the family decided to pose for a big family pic. This is all of us except for my little brother Jeff (serving a mission in Canada).

Mocktail Parties with the Girls

For the past 2 months some of my friends have put together "Mocktail" parties. It's a fun girl's night out with good company. Here are a few pictures from party #1 & #2.

Halloween Party

Brett & I dressed up as Mr. and Mrs. Incredible for a Halloween party this year.

Halloween with Superman & Batman

This is the conversation I had with Reed when deciding what he should dress up as this year –

Me - Reed, what do you want to be this year for Halloween?
Reed - A princess
Me - You can't be a princess, you're not a girl.
Reed - Then I want to be a girl for Halloween.
Me - No way, your dad would be very mad at me.
Reed - I just want to match Jett this year.

So we settled on Superman & Batman costumes because I found printed t-shirts & I only spent $10 on costumes this year. Here are a few pictures from our Halloween. Better late than never!