Saturday, June 21, 2008

So I might be a little red-neck...

Well many of you might know I'm married to the worlds most avid hunter. Of course some of his passion for hunting is going to wear off on me. After we got married I learned really fast that if I want to spend any time with my husband I better learn to like hunting. One of the first times I went hunting was when I was dating Brett and he took me raccoon hunting in the middle of the night. My family thought I was crazy for going, but I had so much fun. We've been married for almost 5 years and I still hunt, but not as much as I used to (somebody has to stay home with the boys).

Well, the other night Brett was raccoon hunting by the railroad tracks next to our house with the hound when he called me up asking me to come take a look at the raccoon Baxter had treed. I was in my p.j.'s and bathrobe, but I really wanted to go check it out. Looking at the picture you can guess who got to take care of the raccoon Baxter had found. Yeah, I might be a little redneck but it was fun.


Jeff & Shauna said...

Love the picture Becky! That is funny. You make me laugh and to think that you had your camera with you. Funny Funny!