Saturday, June 21, 2008

Camping Trip

Just this past Friday night Brett came home from work and told me he was going to take Reed camping. I was invited, but I decided it would be easier to stay home with Jett. We got everything packed up, and Brett and Reed went up Mantua campground and spent the night. They roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and slept in the tent on an air mattress. In the morning they went fishing and Reed caught his first fish!! Unfortunately, Brett didn't have his camera with him when they went fishing so we don't have a picture of Reed's fish. When they came home, Reed ran in the door yelling to me that he caught a "yittle fissssh".


Ashlee said...

Becky, the boys are getting so big and you are a total redneck. Hee, Hee. Your posts are so cute and I am so glad that you had a wonderful day on Jett's blessing. Hope you are feeling better.

Chelsey said...

Brett-You are a GREAT father! Next time you need to call Nate so that I can have a little time to myself! Cute posts Becky! I love that your a redneck or W.T we all have it in us! You guys weren't lieing when you ran in your robe to shoot a coon!

Chelsey said...

K so question-what are the 1 day ago 1 week ago sayings underneathe your friend list? I have been seeing them lately and I have no idea what it means.?!?