Saturday, June 21, 2008

New pictures of the boys

When going down for a nap, Reed HAS to have Jett lay down with him while mom reads a book. It's really cute to watch Reed be so attentive to Jett. This picture was taken just before Reed fell asleep for his nap the other day. Of course I don't leave Jett in there with him. Who knows what would happen when mom leaves the room.
Reed's favorite movies are the Shrek movies (don't ask me why). He watches them quite frequently. The other day after breakfast Reed told me he wanted to, "Watch Frek and hold Dett". Reed is usually very careful with his brother so I let him hold Jett for a little bit. When I went to pick Jett up Reed told me, "No No No Mom!" So we all sat on the couch together and watched Shrek. Jett fell asleep in Reed's arms/lap and Reed sat their watching the movie with Jett for about 30 minutes. I was shocked to see it last that long. It probably could have lasted longer if Jett would have stayed asleep.

Sometimes when Reed goes to bed at night he sneaks a book or toy into his bed with him. Well, I guess Brett let him take his Magna-doodle to bed with him, and Reed fell asleep in the middle of one of his masterpieces. You can't see it in the picture very well, but the pen was still propped up ready to draw.


Jeff & Shauna said...

Cute Cute boys you have. Reed just loves being a big brother. I can't believe how fast babies change. Jett has changed alot.

Ashlee said...

I love that pic where Jett totally zonked out on Reed.