Saturday, July 31, 2010

Goodbye Tonsils!

This picture was taken last Wednesday right before Reed got his tonsils taken out. The poor kid had the world's largest tonsils for a 4-year-old. When he gets a sore throat, his tonsils touch each other. That can't be good. Plus, he struggles breathing at night (snoring). The doctor decided it was time for Reed to part with his tonsils.

Reed did really well all the way up until he woke up from surgery. He was hysterical for about an hour. He kept trying to rip out is I.V. and making the most horrible sounds (coughing, burping, screaming...) The nurses had to give him some more morphine, and luckily he cried himself to sleep. That was probably one of the hardest times I've had as a parent so far. I finally had to give Reed to Brett while I went into the bathroom and cried. It broke my heart.

The next day Reed had a bunch of visitors bring him TONS of Popsicles. His cousins, Gracie & Jack, came over to see how he was doing. Apparently he was doing well enough to play in the pool & lay out with them. It was the second day after surgery that the pain hit. It has been a week since his surgery, and Reed is just barely talking & eating. The poor guy was in a lot of pain. I just want to thank all of our family & friends for all of your support, Popsicles, prayers, and visits. We really appreciate you!