Saturday, October 11, 2008


Last night Brett and I went to see Thriller performed by the Odyssey Dance Company. This was our second time seeing it, and we loved it both times. It is our new Halloween tradition, and we can't wait until our kids are old enough to come with us. We would recommend it to anybody!

Before and after the performance the dancers walk around and try to scare you. I forgot my camera last year, but I remembered it last night. The dead dancers crawl up the rows of chairs and people while scaring everyone in the process. I am proud to admit that I only screamed once!


The Lunds said...

We just got home from Thriller! AWESOME! I haven't been in like 10 years or something like that. And I brought Trav along to share the fun with me! Too bad we didn't communicate with eachother and we could've had a double date!

McKell Callister said...

Nice pictures! I am hoping to go to see Thriller at Tuacahn in St. George this year. My sisters have been before and loved it and have friends that are in it. Glad to hear it's good.