Saturday, December 5, 2009

Santa at Walmart

You'll never believe who we ran into this morning at Walmart.....SANTA CLAUS!! We went in search of milk, and ended up on Santa's lap. I tried to get the boys to sit with Santa by themselves, but I think it was a little bit too early for both Reed & Jett. Reed ran away from Santa & Jett just cried when I set him on his lap. So I had to hold both boys on MY lap while I sat on Santa's lap.

It turned out to be fun for the boys because they got to tell Santa what they wanted him to bring them for Christmas. Reed asked for bunkbeds & Jett agreed with Reed. I hope Santa follows through with that one!


Sproket Hed said...

Yea! I love all the new posts! I was beginning to think you were an anti-blogger!!! I love the halloween costumes and your boys are so stinking cute!

Sproket Hed said...

This is Ashlee! Bart must be signed into our blog! I didn't know.