Friday, April 3, 2009

Broken Dryer = Night at the Laundromat

Our dryer broke this week, and I was lucky enough to spend my whole evening hanging out at the laundromat doing a week's worth of laundry (sense my sarcasm?). Here are some positives and negatives about using a laundromat:

  • Washing and drying all of my clothes at the same time was awesome!
  • I was able to read my book while waiting for my laundry to finish washing and drying.


  • I took a $20 bill thinking that would be enough. I ran out of quarters when my clothes were halfway dry. Maybe I shouldn't have used some of those quarters on my chips and drink...oops!
  • I didn't wear pants with pockets, so I had a hard time holding & not dropping 80 quarters.
  • There are weird, creepy people that hang out at the laundromat. I didn't dare leave to get more quarters for fear someone would steal our underwear.
  • Instead of spending a nice evening at home with my family, I was stuck at the laundromat until 11:30.
  • Because I ran out of quarters and my clothes were only halfway dry, I had to spread/hang up most of the clothes all over my house when I got home.
  • It was nice getting all my clothes cleaned all at once, but now I have a Mount Everest sized laundry pile of clothes I need to fold and put away. There goes 2 hours of my life!

Reed LOVED hiding in the laundry while letting Jett try to find him. Atleast my boys were able to have some fun with my "Pile of Guilt". Yes, it's been 2 days since I went to the laundromant, and I still haven't folded or put the clothes away. Working, taking care of two very busy boys, and everything else we have going this week has prevented me from attending to my laundry.

Can you find Reed?


Ash said...

That is an AWESOME pile of laundry. Good luck with that friend. Maybe the boys can help. haha

The Holmgrens said...

I'm sorry, I don't feel bad for you. My washer was broken for a year before we finally had enough money to buy a new one, and it was during Marissa's potty training time! Then the day we bought our new washer our dryer broke, so then I went 7 months without a dryer. I just hung are clothes all over the house. Everything was nice and crinkly. (The dryer does a lot I'm telling you.) Hopefully you wont have to go so long!

Chelsea Harshbarger said...

Oh goodness! That does not sound fun. I would hate to spend a whole night at a laundromat. Such a scary place.