Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Moab trip in November

Brett and I were able to go jeeping in Moab this past November, and we LOVED it! This was my second time, and I enjoyed it so much more this time than my first trip. The first time we went to Moab I got out of the jeep and walked a lot. This time I think I only got out and walked once or twice. Thanks Jay and Courtney for making this trip possible!! We can't wait until next year!While we waited for each jeep to complete the obstacles, Brett and I had a lizard catching competition. Sadly to say, Brett won.
In the picture below we are driving into a bathtub (jeeping lingo). The next picture is us climbing out of the tub.Yes, even I had my turn behind the wheel. I'd much rather be the passenger than the driver!The Sierra Homes Crew