Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our Easter Suprise

Saturday night around 9:00 I started feeling some contractions. Brett was out raccoon hunting at the time and when he got home at midnight we decided to call his parents and have them come over to stay with Reed. We got to the hospital and I was having steady contractions every five minutes but they wanted to make sure I was in actual labor so I needed my cervix to thin out more than what it was before I got to the hospital. So for the next hour I walked the halls of the hospital while Brett slept on the couch. They didn't admit me into the hospital until 2:00 AM. Once I was admitted they started my antibiotics because I tested positive for the Group B Strep Bacteria. It's normally not a big deal, they just give the mom the medicine once she goes into labor and the baby will be fine. The doctor said 40% of pregnant women have the virus in their system and it comes and goes.

I got my epidural at 6:00 Sunday morning and my doctor came in to break my water at 6:30. At 7:30 they were getting my room set up for the actual delivery. After 2 pushes Jett Cortney Henrie arrived Easter morning at 8:10 weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces and 20 inches long.

When Jett came out he inhaled some fluid and you could hear it when he was breathing. The NICU doctor came in to assess his breathing and they decided to take him into intensive care to help him clear out his lungs. I only had one chance to hold him before they took him into the NICU. It was hard to see him go. The doctors came back and said that his breathing was improving but they wanted to start him on some antibiotics to treat the Group B Strep Bacteria. Apparently I was suppose to get 2 doses of the antibiotics before delivering Jett, but I only had time for one dose. It was just a precaution to give Jett the medicine because we didn't know if he was going to even contract the bacteria. The test results wouldn't come back for 24 hours to tell us if he got the bacteria. Needless to say, I was pretty emotional on Sunday waiting for my epidural to wear off so I could go see him in the NICU.
All the tests came back negative and after four long days in the hospital, Brett and I were finally able to take Jett home on Wednesday afternoon. It was so good to be home. The first night at home was a little rough, but we are getting the hang of things.
Jett really is a perfect baby (a lot easier than Reed was), and we have enjoyed every moment. Reed enjoys him a little too much. He is constantly wanting to hold Jett and help me change and burp him. It is one of the cutest things to watch. Reed insisted on holding Jett while he watched 40 minutes of Shrek the other day. Both boys seemed perfectly content.

Sorry it took me so long to post anything. I wanted to catch up on some much needed sleep first. I will try to post more often now, but we'll see how that works now that I'm a mother of two. I want to thank all my friends and family who have been helping us recover and adjust over the past week. We are very grateful for all the love and support.


Ashlee said...

Congrats! He's a cutie!
I've been checking regularly waiting for the pics. I'll call during the week to see when would be a good time to come see you and Jett!

Ashlee said...

Bossy was taken straight to the NICU because of the cord around his neck, and struggling to breath. I didn't get to hold him or really even see him before he was gone. It was heart wrenching and I cried and cried. Good thing it's over and your home!!!

The Lunds said...

Now I know how you felt waiting for my post on Kinlee. I swear I checked your blog 100 times a day! I'm glad that everything is good and you are all home now! I really want to come and visit! I will call you to see when is a good time. He is such a cute baby! Love you lots!

The Bryger Family said...

He is perfect! Congrats on your new little boy!!

Kasey M.

Ashlee said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Glad that you are both doing well. Cute Pics!!