Saturday, December 15, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas

I still don't know if I've figured this blogging thing out yet. Thanks to Shauna, I have a cute background to look at.

Things are going well for us. I am 23 weeks pregnant and we found out a month or two ago that we are having another boy. I will definately be out numbered: Boys - 3 & Girls - 1. I'm just hoping I will have a little girl someday down the road. Brett is thrilled with the idea of another son. He's had so much fun with Reed and can't wait for another little hunting buddy. I'm just hoping my sons won't be used as bait for any of these upcoming hunts Brett has planned for them.
I am still teaching 4th grade in Brigham and I have loved it. This pregnancy couldn't have come at a better time. I'll be able to teach up until the last two months of school and then I'll be done for this school year. Who knows what the future holds for next year.
Reed is definately keeping himself busy. He has loved everything about Christmas: the lights, the presents, decorating the tree, candy canes, the snow, Christmas music, and all the traditions. We have yet to visit Santa this year and I'm curious how it will work out. Last year he was scared to death of him. Hopefully Reed can warm up to Santa this year. We are also very excited for the celebration of Reed's 2nd birthday coming up in January.

Similar to Reed, Brett too has managed to keep himself busy this winter. I thought the hunting seasons were all coming to an end until Brett informed me he was going to become a trapper this year. He's been hoping to trap a couple of bobcats or coyotes but so far all Brett's caught has been his fair share of skunks.

Well hopefully I can figure out my blog well enough for others to enjoy, but until then you will have to be satisfied with my baby steps.


Shauna said...

Looks like you've figured it out. Good job! It looks great! Reed is a very cute little boy! I'm so excited for ours to be coming. Love ya girl!

justin & michelle kramer said...

Wahoo! Finally a blog. And might I say a lot of pictures (always a good plus...I lack that side of it). Congrats on having another boy. Remind me of your due date. I think we're just a couple months a part.

The Lunds said...

Yeah for blogging!!!! I love doing this much more than myspace. And I don't know what the crap I'm doing either. I have to have Jayme help me. Your little belly looks so cute! And I've been thinking that while all you teacher folk have the Christmas vacation we should have a friend lunch or something!!! I miss everyone!

The Christensen's said...

Congrats on trying to figure it out. i love the picture of Reed in the bucket with the dogs. I think they were jelous!

Ashlee said...

Wahoo! I am excited to see your little family! Thanks for leaving a message. I hope you have a great Christmas. Reed is adorable and congrats on #2!


Dave & Jayme Richards said...

So glad you got a blog! You look so cute pregnant. How are you feeling? Reed is still as cute as he was last time I saw him. Well I hope all is well with you guys! Miss ya! Take care.

BRYGER said...

Some how I stumbled across your blog. You need to give yourself more credit because it looks really great. I hope that everything is going good.
Cousin BRY

justin & michelle kramer said...

Hey I want to hear more from you, so I tagged you! Go to my blog for the questions and repost.

Megan said...

Yeah for posting on your blog! I love it! You are so cute. I hope things are going well for you guys!